What are the major IT problems?

First is both hardware and software issues we find a many businesses. It always centers are the lifespan of the technology being used by the business. One of the great myths is the life span of your PC or MAC. Many machines can run for 4 to 6 years but it is most likely that they will need some sort of repair and upgrade. Software upgrades and updates are critical to have to keep your business online presence healthy. The older and more obsolete your equipment becomes the more it endangers sales plus it can mean lost opportunities. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Retire equipment at proper life cycle times.
  2. Standardize hardware components where ever you can.
  3. Also standardize software applications
  4. Keep everything updated
  5. Work closely with IT professionals to make sure you have all your bases covered.

Another major IT headache is “insufficient power protection”! Yes, power surges, spikes and even power outages can kill hardware very quickly. It can be a very costly lesson for a business to learn but if you think about it; a business grows with time and so does the need for power! Also, consider battery backup systems to save your equipment, files, and software during a power outage. You should always test your backup systems from time to time just to make sure they are doing what you need.

In addition, another IT issues is unlicensed software in use at the business! It’s known as “illegal software and is a crime! As a direct result of this illegal software companies have been fined over $81 million dollars in settlements! Ouch!!!

Finally, insufficient IT managed services will lead to a disaster for any business. One suggestion is to go with a local IT professional service so you can get the best results for your IT needs. Give us a call today to discuss your IT needs!

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